T5 Products


The Light Edge offers the very best quality and performance T5 and T5HO luminaires for commercial, industrial and institutional applications.


The RAPTOR™ series offers a wide range of opportunity in energy savings, from the diminutive RAP1 single lamp unit (excellent for task illumination) to the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, or 12 lamp units, which are perfect for installations ranging from retail lighting to warehouse illumination to industrial applications.  Built-in Patent Pending Ballast  Heat-sink.
The EAGLE™ is an attractive, efficient alternative to parabolic office lighting, with excellent uniformity.    Replaces 2, 3 or 4 lamp T8 or T12 lensed or parabolic troffers.  Energy savings can be as high as 80%.  Available in T5HO and T5HE.  Completely serviceable from below the ceiling.  Extruded aluminum, weighs only 9#.   Built-in Patent Pending Ballast Heat-sink.
monsoon Our MONSOON™ wet location, NSF rated product is the original sealed & gasketed T5HO IP65 fixture designed for use in parking structures, freezers, canopies, and other installations exposed to the elements.
merlin The MERLIN™ semi recessed luminaire will replace a 3-lamp lensed T8 or T12 troffer, and wash the ceiling with light to eliminate the 'cave effect'.  Built-in Patent Pending Ballast Heat-sink.

The HARRIER™ is a low-cost, efficient indirect system that is enclosed to protect against both dust accumulation and air-supply drafts that can reduce lumen output in other products.  Built-in Patent Pending Ballast Heat-sink.


The Light Edge products are sold throughout the US and Canada, and are in use in ice arenas, gymnasiums, distribution centers, cold storage facilities, freezers, swimming pools, libraries, machine shops, grocery stores, microelectronics facilities, airports, schools, universities, hospitals, churches, car dealerships, equine facilities, fire stations, big-box retail stores, laboratories, bakeries, lumber mills, manufacturing plants, foundries, wineries, automotive manufacturing plants, aircraft hangers, convention centers, pulp & paper mills, waste facilities, movie & television sets, architects offices, and even a surgical suite!