The Raptor™ Series:  VRAP1  (Click Here for Product Options)

The world of LED's is confusing - and often misleading. The VRAP™ series is designed as a dependable, sustainable platform dense-array SMD luminaire that you can rely on – use the VRAP1™ anywhere you would use a strip, channel, open industrial, or cove product. It provides nominal 5% uplight, with lamp obfuscation from it’s snap-on DR acrylic lens. The VRAP1™ can be ordered in two through four-foot increments starting; units can be field-coupled for long runs. UL/CUL Damp Location Listed.


2 1/8” W x 2 1/8” H, two-piece, 25% post consumer, post industrial recylced extruded aluminum housing with integral diode and power supply heat-sinks. Clear anodized finish.  Ballast/wiring compartment easily accessed for servicing. Injection-molded V5 nylon end caps with 1/2" conduit entry hole.


Nominal 12" circuitboards contain 24 proprietary Low power, high efficiency 114 lumen/Watt, 85CRI red/green phosphored blue-sapphire substrate SMD diodes, arranged in a parallel row small form optical array for uniformity and consistency of distribution. Loss of one diode will not affect any others in fixture. Each board contains two rows of 12 LEDs for two circuit, allowing bi-level control via two switch legs. Integral HPF electronic 120-277V multivolt input, 18VDC output, Class II listed power supply. 0-10V dimming option available.


LEDs produce 120 degree beam spread, on-axis single point luminous intensity value. Extruded DR acrylic linear-prismed snap-on obfuscation lens with smooth exterior face for ease of cleaning. Nominal 5% uplight component.



The VRAP1TM is provided with pair of Quick-clips™ snap-on full-hard stainless steel mounting clips that will accept #12 S-hook & chain or 1/4" threaded rod, as well as allow surface mounting without penetrating fixture body.  Quick-clips™ install anywhere along the fixture body, and positively lock without tools; they have a withstand rating in excess of 100x the VRAP1™ weight.

Fixture Weight

VRAP1™ 4-foot length: 2 lbs. 8 oz.