The Hawk™ Series:   HAW8/10/12   (Click Here for Product Options) 

Here it is - the HAW8/10/12™ in a single housing version of the RAP8/10/12! This model allows easier inter-fixture wiring, and easier mounting by utilizing a single body design. The extruded aluminum housing allows no convective airflow through the fixture – meaning no cold air is pulled across the lamps (which could lower lumen output) - the HAW8/10/12™ stays cleaner and is more robust than other products.  Use it for budget-sensitive projects not requiring a lensed RAPTOR™ product - distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturing and other highbay applications, in ambient temperatures from -20F (-30C) up to (using a 90C rated ballast) 150F (65C). UL/CUL Listed.


It’s made from .060” anodized, extruded aluminum. We’ve added wings to our integral heat-sinking ballast channel, to increase the radiative mass for additional thermal transfer – keeping lamp heat from damaging the sensitive electronics in the ballast. The reflector assembly is unitized for easy access to the ballast/wiring compartment without removing lamps. 1/2" conduit entry hole in each end, top feed hole option available. Clear anodized standard finish, anodized colors available.


The HAW8/10/12™ uses 6% less input Wattage than the competition. HF electronic programmed start, multi-volt ballasts. Specify 120-277V or 347-480V. Dimming is available, too, line-voltage, 0-10V, even DALI. Lots of multi-lamp control options via simple multiple switchlegs! Seismic make-and-break captive rotor lamp sockets. Lamps are 85 CRI with .95 lumen maintenance over life, and are rated to 40,000 hours life at 12 hours per start.  60,000 hour lamp option available.


95% reflective specular hard-anodized aluminum roll-formed engineered T5 reflector. Very uniform in the horizontal & vertical planes. Optional 10 gauge zinc-plated WG wireguard option in captive, hinged/latched anodized aluminum door frame.


The HAW8/10/12™ is provided with two hanging tabs that will accept chain or cable, allowing suspension without penetrating the fixture body. Optional HDH™ heavy-duty bolt-on mounting brackets install anywhere along the fixture body for a wide variety of mounting configurations. Other mounting options are available – such as our PFS (Power Feed Stem) option - we can match any existing mounting means!

Fixture Weight

HAW8™ 4’-0” length: 22 lbs. 4 oz.


Specification Sheet

IES File

The HAW8 Luminaire consists of two RAP4 reflector and lamp assemblies joined side-by-side within our HAWK houseing. It is photometrically correct to insert two RAP4 photometric files side-by-side for calculation purposes. The insertion points of these two files should be spaced 1.6' on center.