The  Eagle™ Series (Click Here for Product Options)

In the 1990’s when computers were being introduced, we wanted to avoid ‘veiling reflections’ on CRT monitors, from overhead lights. So the deep-cell parabolic was invented. Now, in the 21st century, nobody uses CRT screens anymore; the issue of glare is minimized. So why put up with the poor distribution characteristics and inefficiency of parabolics? The EAGLE™ is an attractive, efficient alternative to parabolic office lighting, with excellent uniformity.

We've designed this mini-troffer to deliver the distribution of a lensed unit, but have raised the optics above the ceiling plane to provide visual comfort. The results are Soft Optics™ - a whole new way to deliver light to the task. NO MORE CAVE EFFECT! And at only 8" wide, the EAGLE™ fills 1/3 of a tile space, allowing balancing of fixture layouts in an off-centered ceiling grid.

Aggressive Talon Grip™ t-bar clips attach the EAGLE™ to the t-bar grid, while integral tile flanges support the acoustic ceiling tiles - no additional grid members needed. Installation is a snap (actually a 'click')! Available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 foot lengths to fit any grid.


Soft OpticsTM in a beautiful housing... fully servicable from below the ceiling (no more ceiling tile mess!)…incredible uniformity (1.5 across!)…self-flanged to support ceiling tiles…less than 10 pounds…and one lamp to maintain.


Three-piece extruded aluminum housing with integral ballast heat-sink and integral tile support flanges. The Ballast/wiring compartment is easily accessed from below. Two 1/2" wiring holes in each endplate with closure plug. Clear anodized standard finish. Comes complete with two Talon-Grip™ T-bar gripper clips for tool-less attachment to ceiling grids.


HF electronic programmed start, multi-volt ballasts. Specify 120-277V or 347-480V. Dimming is available, too, line-voltage, 0-10V, even DALI. Seismic make-and-break captive rotor lamp sockets. Lamps are 85 CRI with .95 lumen maintenance over life, and are rated to 40,000 hours life at 12 hours per start. UL/CUL Damp Location Listed.


95% reflective microfritted aluminum roll-formed engineered T5 reflector. Very uniform 1.5 perpendicular spacing criteria. Clear impact-modified, linear-prismed snap-on acrylic obfuscation lens.


The EAGLE™ attaches to T-bar grid ceiling runners with two integral Talon-Grip™ T-bar gripper clips, and supports ceiling tiles with integral tile support flanges. Slack wire anchor holes provided. May also be suspended with optional snap-on Quick-clips™.

Fixture Weight

EAGLE™ 4'-0" length: 9 lbs. 2 oz.