The Blackhawk™ Series:   BLK4/8/12   (Click Here for Product Options)

The most robust LED highbay performer on the market! The BLACKHAWK™ is designed as a dependable, sustainable platform dense-array LED highbay luminaire that you can rely on - use the BLK4™ for any highbay application requiring durability and performance...sports facilities, manufacturing, fulfillment centers, hangars, public spaces, pools...it's an attractive, efficient unit! BLK4™ 20,000 lumen units can be 'ganged' at the factory to create 40,000 and 60,000 lumen capability! With a 15 year housing warranty, and 5 year warranty on drivers & LEDs, this is one tough luminaire. MADE IN THE USA. UL/CUL Damp Location Listed.


BlackhawkTM has the punch you need - and the durability and long life to reduce maintenance.


6.85” W x 7” H, one-piece, 25% post-consumer/industrial recycled extruded aluminum housing with engineered integral diode heatsink; exterior mounted  power supplies/drivers for thermal isolation. Black anodized finish for added thermal release. Separate high and low voltage wiring compartments easily accessed for installation and servicing. Black anodized .06” aluminum end plates with Thru-FloTM venting. This is one sturdy fixture!


Eight 24" field-replaceable circuit boards each contain 63 proprietary, low power, high efficiency 114 lumen/Watt, 85CRI, YAG phosphored blue-sapphire substrate SMD 16-diode chipsets, arranged in a parallel row small form optical array for uniformity and consistency of distribution. Diodes are driven at 120mA, far below their upper threshold, which means this is a gentle system that won’t overstress the LEDs. Power supplies are thermally isolated, HPF electronic, 24VDC output, Class II, UL listed. Paired 120/277V or 347/480V power supplies allow bi-level control via two switchlegs, and are 0-10V dimming capable as well. Anticipated life >100,000 hours. UL/CUL Damp Location Listed.


The BLK4™ LEDs produce 120 degree beam spread, for a broad distribution with excellent vertical and horizontal uniformity; spacing criteria is 1.27 x 1.28 – basically a NEMA Type V round distribution. Although not a gasketed fixture, the acrylic, polycarbonate or tempered glass lens options (in a hinging, toolless anodized aluminum door frame) keeps the lamp chamber free from dirt or other airborne contaminants due to lack of convective airflow.


The BLK4TMis provided with pair of endplate hanging tabs that will accept chain or cable suspension. Optional HHD Heavy Duty brackets fit anywhere along the fixture body and accept 3/8" threaded rod, as well as allow surface mounting. Also available are options for power feed stem and power feed hook.

Fixture Weight

BLK4™ 4'-0" length: 24 lbs. 10 oz.