Our Green Page


We've all heard this buzz word. But we were Green before it was cool to be Green. We built our entire company on it.

We've saved Energy - lots of it - by replacing HID and other inefficient sources - somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 gigaWatts (that's 250,000,000,000 Watts!) since we started in 1999. That's pretty darned Green.

Our products are made from post-consumer, post-industrial recycled extruded aluminum. Green.

We take great care in design and assembly of product, and test each one to ensure it works, then protectively package them for shipping - this ensures a fantastically low return rate, which saves initial & back-and-forth truck fuel. That's Green too.  Oh, yeah, the fixtures weigh less than steel box products, so with less mass & weight, we have less trucking fuel burnt in the first place - also very Green.



We have never really printed much marketing material, instead relying on the internet and personal contact for sales. Green. It also ensures that we have great follow-through with our customers.

We've gone practically paperless in our office - Green.  We recycle almost everything in production - aluminum, copper, cardboard, plastics, paper, wood - even that film that we pre-strip off of our reflector stock.  Green, Green, Green.

We even designed our website with a black background, because black on a computer monitor uses less energy than white or bright colors - we also try to use Blackle rather than Google when we can (see link below), and we turn off our computers and monitors at day's end. We switch off our lights when we go to lunch (seriously!). Subtly, but importantly, Green.



Perhaps you've noticed that our products are predominantly named after Birds of Prey. Besides being amateur birders, we have a great respect for all members of the food chain, predators and prey alike.  Predators, being at the top of the food chain, not only maintain healthy populations of prey species by predation, but any disruption to prey species due to environmental or habitat degradation (especially from human intervention) will be reflected by changes to predator populations and overall health - thus they are important indicators of human impact on the planet. The Light Edge supports wildlife and environmental efforts such as The Wetlands Conservancy in their support of a healthy cycle of life on our home, planet Earth.


The Light Edge, Inc.

Doing our part.