Made in USA

MADE in USA...Everyone claims it, but what does it really mean?

At The Light Edge facility in Tualatin, Oregon, we design our products in-house - extrusion dies, fourslide metal components, laser-cut parts, reflector systems, electrical systems, and everything else - and have components supplied from local or regional manufacturers & toolers. We then assemble, test, package and ship from our Tualatin, Oregon facility (a suburb of Portland). Our product truly qualifies for "Made in USA" status.

Take our new VelociRaptorTM LED product..almost all components are designed and manufactured in Oregon & Washington - even the LEDs themselves are designed in WA. This means we can keep total control of quality, something few LED "manufacturers" are capable of, what with their overseas procurement of parts or sub-assemblies (or even complete products). You can rely on our quality. Here's a look at how we do it:

Design: Our in-house Engineering department utilizes computer modeling and product development software for exact production tooling and process creation. We take the time to fully understand the exact steps required to produce our components, to avoid glitches - and we have in-house experience in engineering, architecture, machining, construction, drafting - all trades, basically, to assure we know what we're doing.

Procurement: With a full understanding of need, our experienced procurement department works closely with Engineering to ensure up-to-date, top-quality components at fair pricing, so we can offer the very best in our finished products.

Production: Working closely with Engineering, our production team works on a solid manufacturing metric that ensures thorough step-by-step quality checks. All production staff is cross trained, so they can understand each other's job. Safety comes first, and along with that comes Quality. Each TLE luminaire is bench-tested three times, at the installation Voltage, with lamps, EM battery ballasts, occupancy sensors and any other ordered options, before it's packaged in our protective conformal job pack. That's substantial QC!


MADE in USA also means that we support our community, our county, our State and our country. We are happy to help provide for our employees and their families  - as well as our vendors and their families - by keeping the work close to home. When manufacturers outsource to save a buck, they facilitate the loss of all those production jobs and associated tax dollars - a detriment to their community and the GDP. In times like these, we need manufacturing jobs here in the USA. The Light Edge is proud to claim the honor of  "MADE in USA".